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facsimile of the Cutler Epithalamium


Gervais Cutler, was a Royalist Knight and loyal supporter of Charles I. Born at Falthwaite Farm, their family moved to Stainborough Hall in 1602. During the Civil War he raised considerable sums of money and troops to support the Royalist Garrison of Pontefract Castle, where he died of a fever in 1645 during the Second Siege. The besieging Parliamentarians refused to release his body, but it was later moved to be buried here in St James’ Chapel, where it lies alongside that of his widow, Lady Magdalene.

Project volunteers have developed this theme in 2014 with work on the Cutler Epithalamium. This document is held by the Huntington Library in California. The reproduction is by permission. This was written to celebrate the marriage of Sir Gervase Cutler of Stainborough to Lady Magdalene Egerton. The wedding took place in 1633 at the Edgerton family residence Tatton Park Cheshire. Gervase was 41 at the time of his marriage having been first married to Elizabeth Bentley of Derbyshire, who died in 1624. Lady Magdalene was only 16 when she was married.

The wedding verses were written by Abram Darcie with notes and annotations by others including Sir Gervase Cutler. A facsimile of the document is displayed in St James Chapel on a desk lectern made for the project.`

Gervais Cutler: Research
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